#RPGaDay 2018: Day 2 – What do you look for in an RPG?

Catching up…Day 2

What do I look for in an RPG?

1: Is it Dungeons and Dragons?

Okay, a bit flippant, but Dungeons and Dragons is what got me hooked, Dungeons and Dragons is where I’ve put all my effort of development. I have a rich world based on the BECMI Gazeteers. I have lots of story and campaign ideas. I have players.

I suppose that means what I look for is:

  • something which allows story telling and creativity
  • something which provides structure to bound and guide the creativity
  • something which has bounded randomness, so that there is an element of chance but also which allows skill and experience (both of the player and the character) to improve the chances
  • something which has a clear sense of progression – the XP and levels of D&D provide this, along with the hit point increases which represent the better ability at surviving and the new skills earned and learned at each level
  • something which allows for the characters and players to be challenged, including as they increase in level and ability
  • something where I can give the characters options – or force them to create their own options

Next: what gives a game “staying power”?

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