#RPGaDay 2018: Day 1 – What do you love about RPGs?

So I’m joining the #RPGaDay party a wee bit late. But better late than never, and I’ll try to catch up before we run out of month…

What do I love about RPGs?

  • I love crafting a story for people to explore
  • I love giving the players a good time
  • I love making the players think
  • I love challenging the players so they get that high when they succeed
  • I love creating situations which the players talk about for months to come
  • I love leading the players on so they uncover the plot as they go, with twists and turns to keep them on their toes
  • I love seeing the sometimes bizarre theories the players come up with to explain what’s going on
  • I love working in a character’s back story (I just wish I was better at it)
  • I love riffing off players and getting inspiration from them…when it works (and I am getting better at that)
  • I love crafting a rich world that the players really experience

In summary, to misquote Hannibal from The A Team, I love it when a session comes together.

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