How do the monsters react?

Last week, DM David wrote about the problems caused in D&D with monsters who run or surrender, given that you then have to account for them and what will happen as a result, and characters will tend to give chase, or start interrogating/torturing the captives, and so it’s just simpler if you let the fight … Continue reading How do the monsters react?

RPGaDay2020 Day 27: Flavour – what do potions taste of?

The original RPGaDay2020 prompts graphic by @WillBrooks1989 Yesterday in RPGaDay2020 was about Strange and striking the balance between novelty and framework. Today we look at Flavour. I have to confess this is something I'm not very good at describing. I usually fall back to what the characters see; I should get better at using the … Continue reading RPGaDay2020 Day 27: Flavour – what do potions taste of?

RPGaDay2019 Day 9 – Critical

For day 9 of #RPGaDay2019 we get critical, following Obscure yesterday. When I started with BECMI, there was no concept of critical rolls - no critical success or critical failure. My friends played AD&D, so I'd hear them talking about a critical hit and wonder what this was. Fast-forward 35 years to 5e. It's there … Continue reading RPGaDay2019 Day 9 – Critical