D&D Disability – the mechanics of lost limbs

This is part of the series on representing disability in D&D. It’s time to put some crunch behind Domenech’s Ability Restorers. What are the mechanics? What are the effects of lost limbs, and how do the Ability Restorers mitigate them? Let’s start with a review of the official sources. Previous editions The BECMI boxed sets, … Continue reading D&D Disability – the mechanics of lost limbs

RPGaDay2020 Day 28: Close – close shaves in BECMI and 5e

The RPGaDay2020 prompts in a map by dunroaminpress Yesterday in RPGaDay2020 we looked at the flavour of potions and differences between versions of D&D. Today the theme is Close. Let's look at another difference between editions of D&D. Specifically the close shave. Those moments when characters almost die, but manage to survive. Back in the … Continue reading RPGaDay2020 Day 28: Close – close shaves in BECMI and 5e

Fixing opportunity attacks

D&D fifth edition has a lot of good things in it and improvements over BECMI and AD&D. The d20 mechanism. Advantage/disadvantage. Race disconnected from class. But one innovation I really don't like is opportunity attacks. Not only does it penalise "live to fight another day," it locks down the battlefield and makes everything more static. … Continue reading Fixing opportunity attacks

RPGaDay2019 Day 9 – Critical

For day 9 of #RPGaDay2019 we get critical, following Obscure yesterday. When I started with BECMI, there was no concept of critical rolls - no critical success or critical failure. My friends played AD&D, so I'd hear them talking about a critical hit and wonder what this was. Fast-forward 35 years to 5e. It's there … Continue reading RPGaDay2019 Day 9 – Critical