RPGaDay2020 Day 29: Ride – what are you riding?

The original RPGaDay2020 prompts graphic by @WillBrooks1989 Yesterday in RPGaDay2020 I looked at Close calls and how 5e is more survivable. Today the theme is Ride. And what more natural to ride than a horse? Except, I really don't know much about horses and horse riding - I left that to my sister. So when … Continue reading RPGaDay2020 Day 29: Ride – what are you riding?

Experience Award Tokens

Melestrua's XP Award Tokens

Experience Points were one of the greatest innovations in the original role-playing game by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. Not only could characters have adventures, but they could improve and get more powerful as a result of their experience. As originally published, the rules were clear — each gold piece value earned was worth 1 … Continue reading Experience Award Tokens

RPGaDay2019 Day 31 – Last

It's August 31st, day 31 of #RPGaDay2019, and the Last day, following Connection yesterday and a whole month of posts. And the inspiration today, appropriately enough, is Last. This seems like an appropriate time to have a retrospective on the season. But first, I claim the triumph of completing it, and not only completing it, … Continue reading RPGaDay2019 Day 31 – Last

RPGaDay2019 Day 26 – Idea

What's the Big Idea? That's the inspiration for day 26 of #RPGaDay2019, following the combined Triumph and Calamity yesterday. I have come to realise I definitely prefer running my own homebrew campaign to running a pre-published adventure. This means I have to come up with the idea for each encounter, session, location, setting and story … Continue reading RPGaDay2019 Day 26 – Idea

RPGaDay2019 Day 10 – Focus

Let's Focus. That's the inspiration for day 10 of #RPGaDay2019, following Critical yesterday. A bit ironic given that I've got a stinking cold and my mind feels stuffed with cotton wool... So what shall we focus on? Robin D. Laws, in Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering, says The focus can be held by any … Continue reading RPGaDay2019 Day 10 – Focus

Water trap puzzle – an encounter for 5e

I'm currently working through Castle Amber, as mentioned in previous posts. However, I've got bored of just running the encounters and rooms in the module, so I've started to go off-piste.This is a room I added in place of the Green Man - area 41 - and the empty room where they have to find … Continue reading Water trap puzzle – an encounter for 5e

Spiders’ Cavern – an encounter for 5e

This is an encounter I created for the Darokin adventures, but it is completely generic. It adds an interesting 3D aspect to the encounter. The group were guarding a caravan along a wilderness trail, and I was introducing a new player. This was set up as a rescue scenario for her. It is based on … Continue reading Spiders’ Cavern – an encounter for 5e

HotDQ – raider camp encounters

These are a set of encounters I created to flesh out the raiders' camp in Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Thanks to Slyflourish (Mike Shea) for inspiration with his version. Encounters: The Banshee Cougars A sharp set of 15 mercenaries in black leather jackets and trousers sitting on boxes around a camp fire between four … Continue reading HotDQ – raider camp encounters

Hoard of the Dragon Queen resources

I am running a D&D 5e campaign based on Hoard of the Dragon Queen, located in the Mystara world from the D&D Basic set Gazetteers. This section is a collection of encounters, characters and situations I have prepared which flesh out the base module for my sessions. I realise these may be useful to others … Continue reading Hoard of the Dragon Queen resources