How do the monsters react?

Last week, DM David wrote about the problems caused in D&D with monsters who run or surrender, given that you then have to account for them and what will happen as a result, and characters will tend to give chase, or start interrogating/torturing the captives, and so it’s just simpler if you let the fight … Continue reading How do the monsters react?

Coping without equipment

Have you considered how your characters would cope without their equipment? What would they do? Suddenly both exploration and combat become rather different. Now think about it as a GM - you've set up a scenario where the players' characters have had their equipment taken away. How do you make it feel like an interesting … Continue reading Coping without equipment

World Anvil Summer Camp 2021

“Summer ca..a..amp, and the writing is easy…” That’s how World Anvil’s Janet started the introductory stream which kicked off World Anvil Summer Camp 2021. Well, she was a professional opera singer before she and Dimitris started World Anvil… But I’m getting ahead of myself. I can see you have questions. What is World Anvil? World … Continue reading World Anvil Summer Camp 2021

The Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse – a rethinking of module layout

We're working through The Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse by Kelsey Dionne of The Arcane Library right now. It's an interesting take, trying to set things up more easily for GMs to run. Or as it says in the introduction: This adventure is meant to be run at a glance with minimal preparation and a natural … Continue reading The Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse – a rethinking of module layout

Mapping Akorros – Worldographer

I've decided it's time I developed my map of Akorros, and there are various tools out there, so this seemed like a good opportunity to explore them as well. Anyway, there are various mapping packages specifically aimed at the role-playing gamer, including: Inkwell Ideas WorldographerProfantasy Software Campaign CartographerInkarnate This post describes my experience with Worldographer. … Continue reading Mapping Akorros – Worldographer

Skills: passive, active and proficient

In previous posts, I have looked at A history of skills in BECMI, looked at the different 5e skills in detail, and explored what skills can (and equally importantly can’t) do. I've looked at complex tasks and negotiations which require more than one skill check. I keep thinking I've discussed different types of skill check, but while … Continue reading Skills: passive, active and proficient

Session tracker

When running a D&D session, you want the essential information to hand in a compact format. I have a spreadsheet which I use for my sessions, which I’m sharing in case you will also find it useful. Contents The pack includes: A4 and US Letter versions of the blank spreadsheet.An example pre-filled spreadsheet based on … Continue reading Session tracker