Interesting Combats from Unusual Monster Characteristics

How often do your combats turn out very similar? Attack, batter, dodge, fire bolt, try to flank, bash, slice, (stay in their faces because otherwise opportunity attack), batter, ouch!, heal, crunch, “oh they’re dead”. Even if you bring in terrain changes and cover to add interest, I’ve still been getting the feeling of things being … Continue reading Interesting Combats from Unusual Monster Characteristics

RPGaDay2020 Day 28: Close – close shaves in BECMI and 5e

The RPGaDay2020 prompts in a map by dunroaminpress Yesterday in RPGaDay2020 we looked at the flavour of potions and differences between versions of D&D. Today the theme is Close. Let's look at another difference between editions of D&D. Specifically the close shave. Those moments when characters almost die, but manage to survive. Back in the … Continue reading RPGaDay2020 Day 28: Close – close shaves in BECMI and 5e

Fixing opportunity attacks

D&D fifth edition has a lot of good things in it and improvements over BECMI and AD&D. The d20 mechanism. Advantage/disadvantage. Race disconnected from class. But one innovation I really don't like is opportunity attacks. Not only does it penalise "live to fight another day," it locks down the battlefield and makes everything more static. … Continue reading Fixing opportunity attacks

RPGaDay2019 Day 27 – Suspense

Suspense. That's the inspiration for day 27 of #RPGaDay2019, following Idea yesterday. "I'm going to smash the zombie's head in!""I'm going to sneak round the back and take the Snargle while no-one is looking""I'm going to jump across this ravine""I'm going to fire a crossbow bolt with a rope tied to it at the boat … Continue reading RPGaDay2019 Day 27 – Suspense