HotDQ – raider camp encounters

Man in shackles with foes in the background

These are a set of encounters I created to flesh out the raiders' camp in Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Thanks to Slyflourish (Mike Shea) for inspiration with his version. Encounters: The Banshee Cougars A sharp set of 15 mercenaries in black leather jackets and trousers sitting on boxes around a camp fire between four … Continue reading HotDQ – raider camp encounters

Hoard of the Dragon Queen resources

I am running a D&D 5e campaign based on Hoard of the Dragon Queen, located in the Mystara world from the D&D Basic set Gazetteers. This section is a collection of encounters, characters and situations I have prepared which flesh out the base module for my sessions. I realise these may be useful to others … Continue reading Hoard of the Dragon Queen resources