Two more Kickstarters

It seems to be Kickstarter season. Hardly a day passes without an invitation to invest in yet another Kickstarter. I’d like to highlight another couple of Kickstarters I think really worthwhile.

Extraordinary Expeditions

Kickstarter page here

I have always been keen to run my own campaign with its own storyline – part of the fun for me of D&D is creating my world and telling my story. Because of this I’ve tended to shy away from pre-published mini-adventures; somehow it feels a bit like cheating. (Which is silly – as long as I and the players are all having fun it doesn’t matter whether it’s something I’ve come up with completely myself, something I’ve taken off the shelf, or something in between.)

Over this year, for one reason or another, I’ve found myself running one-off or short series of D&D sessions, and as a result I’ve found myself reaching for and rummaging through the collections of short adventures on my hard disk quite a bit recently. So when the Extraordinary Expeditions Kickstarter popping into my Inbox, I was intrigued.

By Crit Academy, this is billed as “a collection of modular adventures designed on a flexible framework to be easily tossed into any fantasy setting.”

Role-playing games are designed to transport us to a world of fantasy and adventure. Through shared storytelling and world-building, players and their characters set out to experience exotic locations, fascinating people, and solve complex puzzles.

Extraordinary Expeditions is a collection of adventures that will do just that.

Extraordinary Adventures Kickstarter page

They have ten adventures, one for each of levels 1-10, although they also say the adventures easily scale, and it looks like each one is designed to take the characters on an expedition to somewhere a bit unusual:

Scour the Desolate Wastelands for the lost library of Zenith Athenaeum. Save, escort, and protect villagers as they seek a safe haven, while two towering titans do battle. Venture into a village completely overrun by monstrous creatures from the Far Realm.

Each expedition comes in four parts, with an overview of each section to help the GM, and monster stats along with the text ready to hand. They have suggestions of tactics and summaries of the monsters.

They have released the 5th level adventure, Far Touched, as a preview. This sees the characters being hired to help a village which is being overrun by strange monsters. After struggling through the infested areas around the town they arrive to realise the cause is a rift to the Far Realm caused by an aboleth, and they need to persuade the aboleth to close it – which will have its own cost – or try to slay the aboleth which is a tall order for 5th-level characters. Even once the rift is closed, the adventure need not be over – lots of the locals have been corrupted and are dangerous, so do they stay to clear out the monsters (who used to be villagers…), or do they just abandon them to their fate?

Their previous Kickstarter, Memorable Monsters, introduces a whole collection of interesting NPCs of all types from a fallen angel turned assassin-for-hire, to “the will of the forest made life”, to a troupe of female acrobats and performers, to a spirit which jumps from undead to undead, each with interesting quirks, full stats and suggestions of how they can be used in the party’s story. This collection of adventures looks equally detailed and quirky.

They still need more investment to reach their $10k target – so jump in now.

Kickstarter Extraordinary Expeditions

Moonlight Maps’ Atlas Maps

Kickstarter page here

I’ve been a patron of Moonlight Maps since the start, because who doesn’t love maps? She’s now bringing her artwork together into a couple of volumes of pull-out wipe-clean maps, one sized 25″x25″ and one at 18″x22″, totalling 100 maps, plus reusable terrain and object stickers which can add detail to any of the maps.

Her maps are beautiful, and there are a range of tiers including both physical and electronic, so get in now. She is already beyond 1200% funded at time of writing so this will definitely happen.

Kickstarter Atlas Maps

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