RPGaDay2020 Day 20: Investigate – missing woman…

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Yesterday in RPGaDay2020 I looked at The Tower, an establishment of ill repute in Akorros.

Today the theme is Investigate. Which is quite appropriate since we’re starting back in our Akorros campaign after our summer break, and the characters will have an investigation on their hands.

As I’ve mentioned before, they’re now based in Carlotta’s Curios in The Place of the Silver Dragon. In one of the courts off The Place of the Silver Dragon is a blacksmith, Pere Cardonel, and a couple of nights ago his 20-year-old daughter Marlena was abducted from her room, apparently through the windows, leaving signs of a struggle.

On the floor of her room, the blacksmith found a crude knife and has decided she was abducted by a kobold, and has been holding forth in The Silver Dragon Inn on the evils of the local kobolds, and their unnatural ghostly colour, and how they must have been responsible and should be razed from the city. He’s trying to raise a group of vigilantes to storm the sewers looking for the kobold hideouts and take her back, by force if necessary.

She is not the first victim to have been abducted, just the closest and most recent. The City Guard have investigated, and are mostly not so sure it was kobolds, although there do seem to be a few dissenting voices. Although the knife seems to be of kobold manufacture, there isn’t anything else to tie it to kobolds, there were no scaly footprints, and a kobold wouldn’t be strong enough to pull a full-grown woman out of a window. On the other hand, there isn’t any other real evidence pointing at anyone else, and at previous abductions they have also found crude items – a tin belt buckle with a dragon’s head, a length of dirty cloth about the right size for a kobold sling and other things which might suggest kobolds.

The party answer the door to the shop to find no-one, just a strange package wrapped in cloth. Inside is a silver coin which grows warm when they handle it and speaks: “to prevent a miscarriage of justice and protect the innocent, you are requested to attend Koto Underhill. A guide will appear at moonrise this evening.”

Will the guide turn up? If so, who or what will it be? Will they follow it? Where will it lead them?

And I’d better leave what happens next in case any of the players are reading this…

Come back tomorrow for Day 21, and we’ll look at Push, a popular sport in Akorros.

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