Ragnar’s Keep update on progress

It’s been a while since I posted the previous call for reviewers for Ragnar’s Keep, and over a month since I sent out the first drafts for review, so I thought it was time for an update as to where I’ve got to.

The castle has detailed descriptions for ground floor, basement, and two and a half upper floors, as well as a docks area below the cliff and a secret escape tunnel down to it, for a total of over 50 areas described in detail. It has a cast of over 20 NPCs with backstories, motivations, relationships (both good and bad) and detailed 5e stat blocks, ready for you to either take as a whole or pick and choose for your campaign.  It even has some hints of campaign ideas, with more to come.

The basic design is already done, and I have several people trying it out. Particular thanks to Kyle @Sagasquares who has already given me some detailed useful feedback.

Unfortunately since then other priorities have got in the way, so it hasn’t progressed as much as I would like. (However, if you’re in or near Edinburgh the week of 13th-21st July, do check out the Dunedin Dance Festival – we have visiting groups from Estonia and Romania, as well as ourselves (Scottish dancers) and a local Irish dance group, performing in Edinburgh and around the Central Belt of Scotland. For more details see http://www.dunedindancers.org.uk/public/fest2019.php)

With dancing closing down for Easter, I’m hoping to put the final polish on the text of Ragnar’s Keep over the next couple of weeks, and then send it to Heroic Maps to create their art-masquerading-as-battlemaps while I rustle up other artwork for the module.

I have managed to  make some progress in the last six weeks. I have:

  • numbered the rooms (something I always meant to do but hadn’t got round to; thanks to Kyle for the reminder)
  • added a map of the docks area and described it in detail
  • incorporated various other tweaks and fixes suggested by Kyle
  • added Anya
  • added a Table of Contents

Still to do:

  • give more background and history
  • provide quick-glance summaries of the characters for the GM in a hurry
  • provide a summary of the relationships between the characters
  • provide more and more detailed campaign hooks and ideas
  • appendix for new items
  • add artwork

I’m still in the market for reviewers, so if you’re interested in an early copy, fill in https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KZ62LHT to send me your details and I’ll email you the link. I’ve also set up a Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/287533388594217/ for discussion.

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