Ragnar’s Keep – a working castle

“Ragnar’s Keep has stood on this rock outcrop on the outskirts of the town for well over a hundred years. Who Ragnar was is now lost in the mists of time, but it is a defensible location near a river and good farmland, and so it has been continuously occupied ever since and a town has grown up around it.

The lands around about may be rich farmland, but beyond the farmland, particularly to the north, it gets progressively wilder, with the river running down from high moorland and rugged mountains, and dark forests to the east only ventured into by the hardiest of loggers.”

Here’s what I’m working on at the moment. It was inspired by the March 2018 patron map from Heroic Maps, although it has grown much bigger. That was the basement level of a ruined castle, and I designed the castle on top (in working order) so I could then develop the ruin to match and know it hung together.

It has sort of grown into a full-blown project, and Heroic Maps are planning to create a battlemap set based on it.

So far I have designed all the floors and added description of each room and area. There are some hints as to the characters in the keep, but that still needs fleshing out.

Interested to know what you think.  Is this interesting? Useful?  Any suggestions for changes or improvement?

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