#RPGaDay2018: Day 11 – what’s your wildest character name

I’m not really one for wild character names myself – I try to make them fit the region they come from, so they tend to be inspired by names from one or other nation in this world. So I’m going to have to defer to players in my games instead. Possibly my wildest names so far are Druht the depressed mud mephit and Marlborough the horse.

My son likes taking phrases and translating them into other languages, which works pretty effectively – for example he’s currently playing a druid called Aestas Luceat – Summer Light.

We also had a monk who was an elf foundling who had been raised by human monks and had no name, he was just called “Number 54”.

But the name which is causing the most consternation is a recent addition “Sorry”. You can just imagine the running gags, particularly during battle.

Me: “Aestas, the bugbear hits you for 17 damage. Sorry, what do you do?”

My son: “It’s okay, I’m still alive.”

Oh how we laugh…

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