#RPGaDay2018: Day 16 – Describe your plans for your next game

Okay, I’m jumping ahead out of order. But my plans for tomorrow night are interesting, and this is still a late post 🙂

So I’ve mentioned how I’ve got two Monday night groups going. And I mentioned due to life changes both groups have reduced in number. So tomorrow night I combine the two groups.

The trouble is, they both have their own story-lines. And one is currently set in Karameikos, while the other one is set in Darokin. So how do I merge them?

Fortunately, the campaigns do have similarities.

  • Both campaigns have a home-brew underlying story, a few details of which have come out but others are still unclear or even unknown.
  • They are both searching for pieces of an artefact, and there have been hints that there’s something weird going on that this artefact may help with. (Okay, maybe I only really have one story in me 🙂 ).
  • Although they are in different countries, they are at least in the same world, and even in the same continent – the Known World of Mystara from the TSR gazetteers curated by Bruce Heard.

However, there are problems.

  • The two groups are looking for quite different artefacts, and both groups have found at least a part of their relevant artefact. So I can’t just pretend it was the same artefact all along.
  • They are currently several hundred miles apart, and heading away from each other.
  • And I am too much of a perfectionist to break the rules of reality within the world. I want everything plausibly consistent.

So why do this?  What are the benefits?

  • The groups had both got to the sort of size where one person missing tended to mean skipping the session.
  • Because the two groups alternated Monday nights, if one group had to skip for whatever reason, it meant organising around the other group.
  • Running a session every week was too relentless for me in terms of prep.  I always felt behind and that I wasn’t able to do either group justice. So if I’m doing half the prep, and I have twice the time, I hope it will be easier.

And another benefit – I really like the storyline underneath the Darokin campaign. It’s more fully fleshed and I have more of an idea how to progress it to its ultimate conclusion. So now I can concentrate on making this storyline awesome.

So what are we doing tomorrow?  Well, some of my players might read this, so I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for them 🙂  Maybe once RPGaDay2018 is finished I’ll follow up with an update…

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